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New Community Registration

Stones River Tres Dias is an emerging Tres Dias Community.

We recently launched our new community platform through a cloud-based company called Breeze Church Management Systems. The new platform will not only serve as a way to facilitate team and candidate registrations and payments, but will also help us to maintain a more accurate database for the community. As a member of the new community, you will have the ability to create a profile with which you can view your payment and service history as well as access a database of fellow Pescadores. Your profile can be updated anytime your personal information changes, which we hope will streamline the process of maintaining up-to-date team rosters from weekend to weekend.

As a first step towards creating this new database, please click the 'Registration' icon below to complete the Community Registration form. 

After you complete the form, you will receive a confirmation email indicating that your submission was successfully received. If you do not, you may need to resubmit the form. Your information will be added to our database which will be used by the Secretariat and future Rectors to contact you expressly for Stones River Tres Dias related activities. Your information will never be shared with entities outside Stones River Tres Dias. In the coming days you will receive a follow-up email invitation asking you to create a username and password for your newly created profile. Once this has been established, you will be able to log in, update your profile and view fellow Pescadore information in our Community Directory.

Please note the only information in your profile that you will not be able to edit is your ‘Areas of Service’. You will be able to complete those fields in the form linked above however, in order to maintain an accurate service record for each Pescadore, this information cannot be edited by you after your initial submission. If a correction needs to be made, please email and they will be happy to make those changes for you.

Inaugural weekends are currently set for April 28 - May 1, 2022 and May 5 - 8 , 2022.

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