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Sponsorship for Candidates to Tres Dias
Anyone who wishes to attend a Tres Dias Weekend must be sponsored by someone that has previously attended a 3-day weekend. A Sponsor carries significant responsibility before, during and after the Weekend.

While it is said that a Sponsor should know his potential candidate well enough to complete the application; this is not always the case. Many of us have known and respected individuals at our congregation for years yet never knowing some of the details that are asked on the application. As the first form of Palanca, a Sponsor should complete the application for his candidate. Therefore, the Sponsor should create some opportunities to sit down with a candidate to gather information before completing the online application (Preferred).

Once a candidate is accepted, our Pre-Weekend Couple will email the sponsor with confirmation along with a more detailed list of Sponsor Guidelines. For example, a Sponsor is responsible for assuring their candidate will be delivered to the send-off location to begin the Weekend and arrange for transportation after the Weekend. The Sponsor also informs the candidate of what should and/or should not be brought to the Weekend Event.
What if your candidate has special needs (such as a diet or medication)? The Sponsor must report this on the candidate application so that the Team will be informed. If medication is needed during the nights or at special times, members of the Weekend Team will be informed through the application process.

*Sponsors, please remember to submit your Candidate’s online application seven (7) days before the Weekend begins.

For questions on sponsor guidelines, please contact our Pre-Weekend Couple at