Stones River Tres Dias

Walking out Your Faith with Joy and Purpose

Pay Fees

Fees AmountDescription
Candidate$155This fee covers the candidate's participation in the weekend and does includes their T-shirt.
Team$225This is  basic lodging in dorm style buildings. Team fees do not include a t-shirt. If you wish to purchase a t-shirt please enter it as a separate line item on the payment screen.

Paying Fees Online:
Team or candidate fees may be paid at any time online through our Breeze payment system. Here are a few things to keep in mind in order to submit your payment online:

- Click the 'Pay Now' button below.

- Make sure you select the appropriate cost center from the drop down menu on the online giving page, i.e. Men's Team Fees, Women's Candidate Fees, Scholarship Fund, etc.

- If you will be making payments for more than one item, select the option to 'add gift to another fund' listed under the drop down menu. and repeat the step above.

- In the comments section, clearly list what each payment is for, i.e. if you are paying for a Candidate's fee, be sure to note the candidate's full name, and who their sponsor is, if you are paying team fees for yourself or a spouse, be sure to include the name of who the fee is for.

- If you have been approved to receive a scholarship* and are paying a reduced rate, please notate that in the comments section.  

You will need a debit/credit card or checking account to give online. This open-ended option allows you to choose how much you want to give and how the funds should be directed. Please note that payment by check or cash are the only forms of payment that will be received at team meetings.

*Scholarships are only available to team members once a year in the amount of $40, and require a completed application. You must be pre-approved to receive a scholarship before paying team fees.